Llamil Ruiz Gonzalez

Local development projects constitute opportunities that the territories have to increase the standard of living of the population, so stimulating them becomes a necessity in the midst of the current economic situation that the country is going through due to the effects of Covid-19 and the tightening of the US economic blockade against Cuba.

This is how professors and specialists from the Benito Llanes Recino Municipal University Center, in the Moorish territory, consider it, who explained that these projects are aimed at satisfying the needs and solving problems of the locality, by taking advantage of the resources available to the municipality.

In general, they must respond to the municipal development strategy approved by the Assembly of People’s Power, and can be presented by both legal and natural persons who have an idea, objective or motivation that responds to the city in which everyone would like to live.

It is therefore worth taking advantage of these opportunities to favorably influence development based on endogenous intelligence, knowledge and entrepreneurship, one of the most important ways to guarantee the construction of a more prosperous and sustainable future, the specialists stated.

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