LLamil Ruiz González

Among the results obtained in the scientific-technical services carried out by the specialists of the Biofood Research Center, CIBA, a scientific institution located in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, the disorganization that exists in the evaluated companies stands out, which negatively influences their profitability. and efficiency.

The Master of Science Vania Vidal Olivera, head of the Environmental Management department of the scientific institution, highlights that the general perception that these studies have left is that in many of these organizations the information to be evaluated is not mastered and in other cases it does not even exist. .

According to Vidal Olivera’s statements, this is a very worrying situation since it clearly indicates that few or none of the 43 measures implemented to strengthen the socialist state company have had a positive impact on some of the Moron entities, at least in those where CIBA specialists have carried out environmental diagnoses.

This is a reality that should set off the alarms of the authorities of the territory because if problems are detected and no work is done to solve them, very little progress can be made despite all the measures that the highest leadership of the country decides to implement in favor of socialist state enterprise.

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