Lamil Ruiz Gonzalez

Every Thursday, starting at two in the afternoon, the Prevention Group that operates in the El Vaquerito Popular Council, in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, meets, made up of the different factors present in the community, in order to provide treatment effective to the different problems that affect the lives of the neighbors.

According to the statements of Tania Ester Benítez Martínez, president of the council, the members of the commission are nourished by the different problems present in the community and, in a collegial manner, analyze them to give them a solution that is as fair as possible to meet expectations. of the settlers.

Benítez Martínez refers that among the most studied situations are children who do not fulfill their homework, dysfunctional families, domestic and gender violence, homeless people, and people without work or study links, who require immediate attention. to prevent its aggravation.

The prevention group must work in all the popular councils of the territory with the aim of airing the various situations that affect or could affect the life of the population, and it includes sectors such as Public Health, Culture, Education, FMC, CDR, social workers, among others.

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