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Increase hotel capacities destination Jardines del Rey

The tourist destination Jardines del Rey, north of Morón, Ciego de Ávila, added a new attraction this winter season, with the opening of the Rainbow Muthu Hotel, in Cayo Guillermo.

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Cayo Coco hotels opt for environmental recognition

The Meliá Cayo Coco, and Pullman hotels, hotel facilities of the Jardines del Rey tourist pole, in the Avignon municipality of Morón, work on the foundation to opt for national environmental recognition for their management in environmental care.

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They work in Morón for improvements in electrical service quality

In the replacement of defective transformers and the elimination of clotheslines, the workers of the Electric Company of the Avilanian municipality of Morón work, with the purpose of contributing to raising the quality of the service and saving that energy at times that the country demands.

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Promote environmental management actions in Jardines del Rey

Environmental Education is one of the main work points of the Coastal Ecosystem Research Center, CIEC, a scientific institution located in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, due to the impact it has on the population and especially among children and adolescents.

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The happy path of Pedagogy in Morón

When stories of working life are heard, such as those of Magaly Domínguez Pedroso, a dean professor with 46 years of working life, resident in the Avignon city of Morón, passion, consecration, delivery, experiences and complete happiness for having traveled for so long Time on the path of pedagogy.

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They set work goals for young communists in Morón

The establishment of actions that allow the youth movements and student organizations to be served differently, are part of the objectives set by the Union of Young Communists, UJC, of ​​the Avignon municipality of Morón, for this stage of work.

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They award in Morón the best works of Musical Creators

With the delivery of the Grand Prix to the work entitled Thank you for your love, pop ballad by the author Yasbel Jiménez González, performed by Adrián Pujol Sosa, the tenth ninth edition of the Silent Blue Music Creator Festival concluded in the Avilanian city of Morón.

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Organized collective birthday for children suffering from cancer in Morón

The Family sweetens your life, a project carried out by the self-employed worker Jemne Alberto Companioni in collaboration with the culinary association of the territory, organized a collective birthday dedicated to all children suffering from cancer in the municipality of Morón.

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