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Substantial savings reported to the economy of the Anirist country of Morón

The economic effect resulting from the creativity of the members of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers, Anir, of the Avónño municipality of Morón in the 2014-2019 period amounts to more than 12 million pesos saved to the country's economy.

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They strengthen projects in Morón Research Center

The workers of the Center of Research of Bioalimentos, CIBA, scientific institution located in the municipality of Morón, in its Forum of base of science and technique presented the results of each project as well as a considerable number of solutions to the problems of the daily work.

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They value positive educational improvement in Morón

The implementation of the new forms of work in the third educational improvement is progressing satisfactorily at the Roberto Rodríguez Basic High School, ESBU, in the Avignon city of Morón, where five fundamental lines are worked.

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Extreme sports attract tourists in Jardines del Rey

The natural environment and the pleasant climate throughout the year in the keys of the Avilanian north, which today constitute the Jardines del Rey tourist destination, are ideal conditions for the development of recreational nautical and extreme sports, coveted by those who visit the geographical environment to contact the exuberant nature.

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They highlight the consecration of the Morón hospital collective

In spite of having been a year of many tensions, the group of workers of the Roberto Rodríguez Provincial Teaching Hospital, in the city of Morón in Avila, was consecrated in order to achieve results greater than 2018, said Juan Carlos Villares Vázquez, director of that institution Of the health.

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They choose in Morón for equitable distribution in Agricultural Markets

The equitable distribution in the State Agricultural Markets, MAE, despite the existence of a deficit of some products, continues to be a prioritized task of the Municipal Administration Council, CAM, of the Morón Avilanian territory.

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They award in Morón the best works of Musical Creators

With the delivery of the Grand Prix to the work entitled Thank you for your love, pop ballad by the author Yasbel Jiménez González, performed by Adrián Pujol Sosa, the tenth ninth edition of the Silent Blue Music Creator Festival concluded in the Avilanian city of Morón.

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They contribute to raising the quality of life in Casa del Abuelo

Various activities are carried out by the elderly that the Grandfather's House, from the Avignon municipality of Morón, has enabled the center to obtain satisfactory results as part of the Cuban state's policy regarding population aging.

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