By Leonel Iparraguirre González

In the midst of the tense epidemiological situation that places the Avilanian municipality of Morón in the Limited Autonomous Transmission Phase, the education sector in the territory facilitates the permanence of the female force in production centers and vital services, with the operation of two nursery schools and a semi-boarding school.

Rubiseida Infante Suárez, director of the Ignacio Agramonte semi-boarding school, located in the center of the city, states that this school welcomes children of working mothers from the very beginning, with the implementation of a program of complementary activities and strict compliance with the protocol established for the prevention of the virus that causes Covid-19.

The children are located in the most spacious and ventilated classroom of the school and are cared for by educators and assistants, in addition to having the health advisor who performs the daily screening to determine any signs that the infants present.

“Here they have activities in the area of ​​computing, library, rte instructors, viewing of Teleclasses according to the degree they go through, games of the month, in addition to television programming”, the director points out.

María Alejandra Rivero Parí, is a preschool student and belongs to the Antonio Maceo semi-boarding school, and with the alternative offered by the Municipal Education Directorate, her mother Marisleidi Parí, has not had to interrupt her work as a food processor in the Comevila Company, belonging to to the Fishing sector.